Use the map

To use the map

You can use the map on your (smart) phone, your GPS navigator, or your computer.

The mobile phone

Currently, there are two different maps you can use your mobile phone – either a complete map, or a dedicated snowmobile map that is supposed to be used as a general map with another map as basemap.

The overlay is main map, which covers the complete planet and have relatively fast updates.
The complete map is also updated on a regular basis, but with a much lower rate.

Basemap used with the overlay map can be a standard OSM map or a map from Google Earth, or any other.

In android phones, you can use any existing navigation app that supports osm maps, such OSMAnd, Locus and Osmosis

In Locus OpenSledMap isn now one of the default maps, install locus from google-play/android market, then chose opensledmap from the menu.

The Garmin GPS

I have finally developed the Garmin maps, which you can download and put on your Garmin GPS. Garmin maps are now dedicated snowmobile trail maps, for use as overlay map with other maps. For example, outdoor map. maps to your Garmin GPS, and instructions, is available here

Eventually, it can also come out map files to the other makes of GPS devices.

Do you have knowledge of how to create map files to other navigators from OSM data, you are welcome to contact me

Want to browse the map and see the results that are mapped to date in your area, click here .

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