How to use this map in your Garmin unit

About the map

Garmin map is in the current situation a dedikated snowmobile trail map, which is intended to be used as overlay map. This means you can use another map, example Garmin rrecreational map, together with the snowmobile trail map. Updates are now one or two times per week, but during the summer it will be longer update intervals, and the next season I plan to have more frequent intervals.

The current version contains the only snowmobile trails, but I’m working on to include gas stations, shelters, picnic areas and lookout towers that are of interet for snowmobilers.

Do not forget when you are driving somewhere and the trail you run is not on the map. Go to and add it to the map. The map is based on that we all help each other.


you start to download the desired map file to your computer.

Save the file named gmapsupp.img somewhere on your computer where you can find it again.

Installing the GPS unit

Connect your device to your computer with the supplied cable

You can in most units to choose whether you want the map in the internal memory or on a memory card, there should be a directory called Garmin, if there is not on your memory card, and you want to have maps on the memory card, it is only to create a directory on the memory card called Garmin. Then copy the map in the directory called Garmin.

then disconnect the device from your computer, and start up the unit, where you need to go into the setup menu, and activate the new map. For details, see the instructions for your particular model from Garmin

You can on some devices have more map files by renaming them to different names, but there is a limit to what the name that works on different models, I have devices that can use gmapsupp.img, gmapsup1.img, gmapsup2.img etc. basemap units usually gmapbmap. img. want to know more about what works in your device, you try things out or look for information yourself.